Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Preparing for Baby Hiatus

So, as goes the tide with adoption and waiting for a baby to arrive, I am taking a break from "prepare mode". I'm still excited and will buy little things here and there I'm sure, but for right now I need a little break. We've been talking about moving to a different city, near by where we live now, just closer to family...we keep going back and forth, it's something we think would make sense, especially once our baby arrives, but there are things about where we live now that we absolutely love. So I'm feeling a bit like a ping pong ball with the whole topic. Then on Saturday I had a minor control freak moment.

I was feeling like I just wanted to decide, pick a lane and move ahead, but after talking it through a little more I realized it really didn't have anything to do with moving, it had everything to do with "waiting". Sometimes I feel so out of control. I wish I could just want it into being, I mean if that was the case we'd have 12 kids by now!

It's been 9 months since we got into circulation - appropriate I guess, maybe that means we'll get contacted soon...I hope so, as of now it's looking like our baby is a little over due :)

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  1. The waiting really is this weird limbo state. It has only been 3 months for us being in circulation, but the not knowing how long this could be is such a bizarre feeling. I honestly don't feel like this is really gonna happen, the whole thing is still too abstract. So I really understand how you are feeling.