Thursday, December 29, 2011

Open Adoption Round Table and my new blog!

Since my son was born a little over a year ago, I have been thinking about blogging and what the best approach would be for me. I have a few other blogs, and I was feeling like keeping up with all of them was just too much. Hence the radio silence over here. I knew I wanted to continue blogging about adoption, but was feeling conflicted. I wanted to find a way to merge it with the other areas of my life so that I wasn't feeling like there was a blog over here for this...and another over there for's been a bit crazy. I also had to think about what I felt comfortable sharing and how I would go about managing those stories with people who know us. I had a few experiences of writing things here with the idea that I was sharing with my online open adoption peeps to then have an uncomfortable conversation with a relative about the ins and outs of adoption. Don't get me wrong, we have been very open with our families about our adoption process, but some things are better shared with those who have been through it. And I learned the hard way that sharing some things here only lead to fear and distress on the part of some of the people close to us who were reading my posts. Also, I have come to learn that it's not my job to educate the world about adoption - which I was kind of feeling like I needed to do. Unless you've been through it there is really no way of fully understanding the spectrum of emotions anyway I did some soul searching and am ready to post about the latest open adoption roundtable so I thought I'd let you all know I have a new blog! I have been posting to it for awhile, but have recently decided to share a bit more there about adoption. It will also include stories about my life and business, which will be fun - and a lot less stressful. It's an all in one - here's what's up with us destination. I hope you'll join me