Monday, August 23, 2010

New Button

You might notice I have a new button on my side bar! It's a link to an e-book that I truly recommend if you are trying to start up a creative business of any kind. Kelly Rae Roberts' story is super inspiring, you can find out more about her here. I took her e-course earlier this year because I am interested in jump starting my own creative business...details still in the works...and now she is offering an e-book with everything she learned along the way to getting her ver successful business up and running. I can honestly say the wealth of information included in this book is amazing. It covers everything that was in the class I took and I left feeling saturated with ideas and empowered to actually take a step into my creative dreams.

Plus if you click through from my link and decide to purchase the e-book, I will get credit as an affiliate which is great too! Just an small example of how wonderful Kelly Rae is and her willingness to share her success.

From time to time I may share links to other artists and opportunities, but please rest assured it will only be to people I whole heartedly support and feel their services/products would be exciting and helpful to anyone visiting here.

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